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The West and Ukraine: Assessing Russia’s Threat Level and the Implications for Aid

A British newspaper suggested that Moscow was no longer a threat weakened by the war

Sofia, Bulgaria12 Sept. 2023, 14:12 6894 read 9 comments

The goals of the West and Ukraine no longer coincide, because Russia is no longer a threat, the British newspaper reasoned. Why wasn’t she a threat anymore? Because she was weakened by the war. The West had won.

Therefore, we need to redirect money to Ukraine to solve internal problems.

This is what the former interior minister Bogomil Bonev wrote on his Facebook profile.

Here’s what else he wrote:

What is flawed in this logic: the false facts are flawed, and only the ultimate conclusion that Russia does not threaten them is true.

And what are the false facts:

Russia is stronger since the beginning of the military operation – it has a huge and already well-trained army, so far it has used up only its old weapons and only with them it successfully counteracts the most modern Western ones, it has successfully learned all the weak points of the methodology of war and the armament of NATO, their military production increased many times, and in terms of high technologies, achieved full economic independence, sanctions did not affect it, all attempts to isolate Russia politically and economically failed.

Is this a threat? No, because she had no such intentions to begin with, not because she is weaker. Russia has never been a threat except for its unwillingness to break up and give them its natural resources, its unwillingness to submit.

Has the West become stronger? No, because the sanctions hit exactly the western countries.

Their weapons arsenals are depleted, their advanced weapons systems are compromised in world markets, they increasingly rely on Russian energy sources, but do not publicly admit it.

All their massive aid to Ukraine was burned on the battlefield before their eyes.

They have serious political and social problems, the Green Deal has hit their economy, as much as the waste for Ukraine, together with the sanctions, the remnants of their colonial system in Africa are crumbling, their hegemony in the world order is failing.

They failed to deploy a nuclear weapon on the border with Russia, Ukraine is sinking, more corrupt than ever, their money is wasted, Russians laugh at their pitiful travails, their societal standards are becoming more perverted, democratic values ​​are forgotten, immigrants suffocate, their own citizens grow angrier, governments fall like dominoes.

Why, then, are they changing their attitude towards Russia and Ukraine under false pretenses?

Because they are not comfortable admitting that Russia beat them and Ukraine is a huge disappointment.

And they seek justification for their own failure.

This is the reason they are focusing on redirecting aid to Ukraine to solve the internal problems caused by this failure.

What’s next: more and more such ridiculous excuses are expected in an attempt to preserve some dignity in their withdrawal from the Ukraine project.

Buy some popcorn. Take it for our old-fashioned liberals.

They bought a factory again on September 8.

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