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The weather will be cloudy tomorrow, with temperatures continuing to rise and humidity low

The Department of Estimates at the Meteorological Authority stated that “an area of ​​high atmospheric pressure dominates the eastern basin of the Mediterranean until Saturday morning, as it fluctuates locally and then settles on Sunday,” noting that “the average temperature on the coast for the month of January is between 11 and 19.” Celsius”.

And she explained in her morning bulletin, “The expected weather in Lebanon today, Thursday, is generally clear, with a slight rise in temperatures, and the winds are active sometimes, especially in the southern and northern regions,” noting that “the expected weather on Friday is few clouds, with temperatures continuing to rise, as they exceed Their seasonal averages are on the coast, as the winds become active sometimes and the humidity decreases.”

And the Department of Estimates pointed out that “the weather expected tomorrow, Friday, is partly cloudy, with fog on the heights during the morning period, and with no significant change in temperatures on the coast, while it rises slightly on the mountains and the interior. Light rain is expected, especially in the northern regions, and the weather at night turns to cloudy.” little cloudy.”

And it indicated that “the expected weather on Saturday is partially cloudy with high clouds, with a decrease in temperatures that return to their seasonal rates, especially in the mountains and the interior, and fog forms on the heights and the clouds condense as of the evening.” Slight temperatures and local fog at heights.

The department also added, “The surface winds are northwesterly and north-northeasterly at night, with speeds between 15 and 30 km/h. Visibility is generally good. The relative humidity on the coast ranges between 55 and 65%. The sea condition is average wave height, and the water surface temperature is 19 degrees Celsius.”

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