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The Viral Facts about Yuni, Gus Samsudin’s Wife: Swapping Partners and Her Life Revealed

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Saturday, 02 Mar 2024 23:00 IWST

A series of viral facts about Yuni, Gus Samsudin’s wife, makes it legal to swap partners, former LIDA-second wife/Photo: doc. Instagram Yuni Gus Samsudin

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Yuni LIDA is in the spotlight after her husband Gus Samsudin caused a stir regarding alleged heretical teachings which have now gone viral on social media.

In a video lecture, Gus Samsudin allows a husband and wife to exchange partners.

He also stated that the law of exchanging husband and wife is permitted as long as the person likes each other.

Based on this video, the East Java Regional Police arrested Gus Samsudin for examination.

Not only that, his wife has also become a hot topic of public conversation. Many are curious about Yuni’s figure.

So, take a look at the facts about Yuni, Gus Samsudin’s wife, below.

1. Second Wife

It turns out that Yuni is Gus Samsudin’s second wife. They married in May 2021.

Previously, Gus Samsudin was married to a woman named Nyai Ehan.

2. Singer from a talent search event

Yuni is one of the Indonesian dangdut singers who took part in the talent search event LIDA in 2018.

However, he did not emerge as champion because he was eliminated in the top 15 round.

Quoted from various sources, Yuni said that she first met Gus Samsudin when he was performing.

Since then, Yuni and Gus Samsudin have been tied to each other and finally this dancer was willing to become his second wife.

3. Focus on being a wife

Since marrying Gus Samsudin, Yuni seems to be enjoying her life as a housewife.

She often shows off her affection with her husband on social media.

Based on her uploads, she often accompanies her husband on television shows and YouTube invitations.

Yuni bucin to Gus Samsudin/ Photo: doc. Instagram Yuni Gus Samsudin

4. Young mother of one child

Gus Samsudin and Yuni’s marriage was blessed with one child.

This woman, born in East Java on November 14 1997, also became a young mother at the young age of 24 years.

5. Become a YouTuber and Celebrity

Who would have thought, Yuni would be so active on social media, one of which is YouTube.

Gus Samsudin’s wife’s YouTube account has almost 8,000 people subscriber and often creates content.

Meanwhile, Instagram is no less followed by more than 25 thousand followers.


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