The Villa of Broken Hearts 5: A departure? Kevin and Rym get closer … What will happen next week

When one wonders if Jazz is pregnant with her third child, here is what will happen next week in La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 5. Lucie sends an SMS to the candidates to warn them that this is the moment of the assessment. In her message, she sows doubt about possible departures. This worries a lot the broken hearts which are more welded ever. But then, will candidates be forced to leave the villa? Who will return to France? For the moment, the mystery remains unresolved. This week, Netanya will live under first coaching. If she is happy because she has been waiting for him for a long time, we will find the candidate in tears …


What Lucie has in store for her will be difficult for the young woman … Meanwhile, when everything goes wrong between Rym and Vincent, Kévin gets dangerously close to the candidate. Julie takes a picture of this moment and sends it to Vincent who is out. Upon receipt of the message, the young man farts a cable and decides to return immediately to the villa. Sarah Fraisou calls Ayoub who has stayed at the villa to warn him of this hasty return. Vincent is very upset and he risks breaking everything! So the meltynauts, it makes our mouth water, all of that, right? While waiting for the images, discover the physical transformation of Jessica Thivenin back in France with Thibault Garcia and Maylone.


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