The Valencian Community will receive 50,000 extra doses of Pfizer more each week

Healthcare workers prepare doses of Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine at a coronavirus vaccination center.

Ultimately there will be 175,000 doses and not 125,000 as planned. It seems that the commitments of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer with Europe and its vaccination plan against the coronavirus are very serious. The president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, has just announced that the Valencian Community will finally receive more doses of Pfizer than planned. In total, there will be 175,000 vaccines from the serum developed by Pfizer.

There are 50,000 more vials than those planned, which will allow to vaccinate as many more people than those initially prescribed. In statements to the media, Puig has advanced that this increase in the number of vials that the Valencian Community receives will be maintained during the next shipments. The Generalitat Valenciana have confirmed that the community will receive a total of 500,000 extra doses of this serum over the next ten weeks.

With these vaccines, the Generalitat Valenciana can continue with its massive vaccination plan and with the administration of serum in the three large vaccine fields that have opened their doors today.

Who will receive these doses?

For now, the new Pfizer and Moderna vaccines will serve to continue vaccinating those over 70 years of age and complete the second dose for those over 80. When the vaccination of these groups is completed, Health will begin to cite the next age group.


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