“The use of the mask should be mandatory in the Canary Islands because society is relaxing” | Radio Club Tenerife

The representative of the College of Physicians of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canarian expert committee before the Covid19 and expert in Microbiology, Antonio Sierra, considers the use necessary “required” of masks in the Islands, without an upcoming end date, even if the safety distance is kept and following the steps of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

Listen Antonio Sierra: “The use of the mask must be mandatory” in Play SER

Sierra remembers that, although we are in the “virus low season”, October is a month in which “colds will start and then the flu will come” so the mask explains, “will protect us a lot”.

Listen to Antonio Sierra: “Society relaxes” on Play SER

A measure that he considers necessary today because society has relaxed. But above all, it points to the younger population who have acquired “overconfidence and a feeling of no importance.”

Listen to Antonio Sierra: “We must prepare for a second pandemic wave” on Play SER

However, the head of Epedmiology of the Canary Islands Health Service, Amos Garcia Rojas, considers that, for the moment, the use of a mask should not be mandatory in the Islands -even keeping the safety distance- why Today’s epidemiological situation does not suggest that it is necessary to follow in the footsteps of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

Listen to Amós García Rojas: “At the moment reality does not ask that this measure be taken” in Play SER

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