Barovets counts 600 vouchers for the most expensive car at Sofia Motor Show 2022 PHOTOS

A client of Sofia Motor Show 2022 paid a price of BGN 600,000 for the most expensive car at the exhibition. At the request of the new owner, the car is locked so that no one enters it anymore.

In reality, the Sofia 2022 Motor Show is not a small part of the stock of importers, hit hard by the crisis in production due to the shortage of chips and the war in Ukraine.

There are many cars in the showroom that are only in our country in terms of image and are yet to open their sales in the coming months, such as Ford Bronco, Ford Mustang Mach-E and the Ora brand.

Such is the case with the Mercedes SL presented yesterday, which costs BGN 323,500 as an exhibit. The all-electric EQS ​​and EQE exhibits have also been purchased. The new generation Range Rover also has an owner, as does the Jaguar F-Type SVR.

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