The Unraveling of Liu Ye’s Relationships: Yao Chen’s Derailment and Xie Na Breakup

guide Hello everyone, Kobayashi will explain to you. Many people don’t know the information about Liu Ye’s slip of the tongue that exposed Yao Chen’s derailment and why Liu Ye and Xie Na broke up. Let’s take a look now! 1,…

Hello everyone, Kobayashi will explain to you. Many people don’t know the information about Liu Ye’s slip of the tongue that exposed Yao Chen’s derailment and why Liu Ye and Xie Na broke up. Let’s take a look now!

1. The epic masterpiece “All Quiet in Peking” will be broadcast in Beijing, Tianjin, Henan, and Shandong on October 6, and a launch conference will be held in Beijing on the afternoon of the 23rd. Screenwriter Liu Heping, producer Hou Hongliang,

2. Directors Kong Sheng, Sydney and leading actors Liu Ye, Wang Qingxiang, Zu Feng, Wang Kai, Shen Jiani and Chen Lina attended the press conference. During the event, Liu Ye did not change his true nature, and was extremely narcissistic. He also revealed that he wanted to use this drama to reward the Emperor. Talking about the remarks made a few days ago may indirectly confirm Chen Yao’s cheating rumors.

3. Liu Ye admits that he has no regrets. Usually an outspoken person, he even laughed at himself that he had lost all popularity.

4. Liu Ye has a big mouth and is not popular.He does not regret exposing the evidence that Chen Yao is suspected of cheating

5. Recently, rumors of Chen Yao’s multiple marital derailments have caused a lot of trouble in this city, and Liu Ye, who worked with Chen Yao in the movie “Love is Outstanding”, has also become the focus of media suspicion. A few days ago, when Liu Ye participated in the promotion of the movie “Most Wanted”, he inadvertently mentioned that Cao Yu was my buddy.

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6. When filming “Love is Outstanding”, knowing that they are together, I was very excited. It seems to indirectly confirm the rumors of Chen Yao’s derailment in marriage, because the movie “Love is Outstanding” was filmed before Chen Yao’s divorce.

7. Speaking of this, Liu Ye said frankly that he is not afraid of being talked about, and he is very confident and has a good personality. What kind of incident is happening now, in fact, I can’t be contacted in the end. Everyone knows that I am outspoken and kind, so don’t blame me. But he also said with a smile that he is no longer popular. They ignored me privately and he was no longer welcome.

8. All gone. Even so, Liu Ye did not regret what he said. Nothing to regret. I am that person in peacetime.

9. Liu Ye recalled the three relationships for the first time, implying that Nana broke up after becoming popular.

10. “Grandpas Over Flowers” officially started its trip to Switzerland. After a day of traveling, Liu Ye, who was in a good mood, established a family relationship with his elder brother Zeng Jiang, who was in the same room, and opened his heart to his grandfather. In this episode of the program, Liu Ye also poured out his true feelings and reviewed his three relationship experiences for the first time.

11. The first time I fell in love was after Liu Ye finished writing his first play. A girl loves me madly and pursues me all the time. Liu Ye and this girl started their first love, but it was very short and ended soon.

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12. The second time I fell in love was when Liu Ye was in his third year of high school. After that she broke up with me and quarreled with me. Sorry man that’s just the way it is. Men are lower than me. You broke up with me. Sorry, I was wrong. If you’re high, you’re high, you break up with me, you leave, that’s it.

13. Although Liu Ye did not name her when talking about this relationship, she hinted at the reason for her breakup with Nana. Liu Ye’s third love affair was with his current wife, who married after three years together.

14. Liu Ye and Nana, who were the most favored at the time, were once the golden couple in the entertainment industry, but this relationship ended abruptly after five years, and then became a beautiful legend.

In this article, I have finished sharing the relevant information about the reasons why Liu Ye and Xie Na broke up by Liu Ye’s slip of the tongue and Yao Chen’s derailment. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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