The Truth Behind the STALKER 2 Leak: GSC Game World Exposed for Lies and Hypocrisy

Some time ago, a build of the future game STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl appeared on the net, and yesterday the craftsmen found a way to launch it. Then the company GSC Game World blamed the “group of Russian hackers” for everything, which for almost a year and a half attacked the studio through a hole in the system.

In the VK-public “Bulletin of the same Stalker” the authors of the leak commented statements by GSC Game World, accusing the company of an off-scale level of lies and manipulation.

According to the hosts of the public, there were no vulnerabilities, and, therefore, there was no theft. The notorious build was posted on the torrent by the GSC employees themselves, simply forgetting to set the privacy settings. And the leak was discovered not only by hackers, but not even by Russians, but by Americans and Ukrainians.

The authors of the leak accused GSC Game World of hypocrisy. Despite the fact that all channels in Russian have been removed from the official Discord server, almost all text in the game, as well as design documents, is in Russian. The same language is used for internal communication by the studio staff.

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