The two celebrities who die run over in the new advertisement of the DGT

  • The DGT has launched a special campaign to avoid being run over on interurban roads

  • Two familiar faces star in the DGT campaign whose slogan is ‘Knowing it is starting to avoid it’

  • More than 100 people die a year run over, only 23 did so in the summer of 202

More of 100 people die year run overonly 23 did so in the summer of 2021. For this reason, the DGT has launched a special campaign to avoid these incidents. It is a very hard and shocking video in which two famous people, the singer and songwriter Amaya Romero and the actor Edward Fernandezsuffer a fatal and unexpected outrage to show too many anonymous dramas

The two celebrities who die in the DGT ad

‘Knowing it is starting to avoid it’ is the slogan chosen for the initiative, which includes singer-songwriter Amaia Romero and actor Eduard Fernández and focuses on the abuses in interurban roads.

In the spot both explain some of the reasons why each year more than 100 people die in Spain run over; some for not wearing reflective elements, others due to the driver’s imprudence, for crossing in the wrong places or for simply working on the road.

More than 100 million people are killed by cars every year.

According to Traffic data, 110 people were run over in 2021, that is, 10% of all deaths. In addition, the summer of 2021 were recorded 23 deceased2 less than the summer of 2020 when attention was already drawn to this matter at the beginning of it and 9 more than in the summer of 2019. But, as the singer says in the spot, “really, we are not aware of Unless it’s your sister, your son, or someone famous.”

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93 million trips in July and August

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) anticipates that there will be 93 million trips long-distance journeys during the months of July and August, 2.4% more than the real movements that occurred last summer and with a significant increase in weekend departures and short-term journeys. During the month of July it is expected that 44 of the 93 million will be produced.

Therefore, in addition to the awareness campaign, Tráfico has established four special operations for this summer: the ‘Operation out of the summer’, from Friday 1 to Sunday 3 July; ‘August 1 departure’, from Friday July 29 to Monday August 1; ‘August 15 special operation’, from Friday the 12th to Monday the 15th of August; and ‘Operation return’, from Friday 26 to Sunday 28 August.

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