How Corona made Dimitrov’s life hell

Infected with Novak Djokovic’s tour and lost eight kilos in 20 days – how Corona made Grigor Dimitrov’s life hell

Grigor Dimitrov was the first to become infected with the corona virus in 2020 on the Adria Tour initiated by Novak Djokovic. How the Bulgarian suffered for months. And how that changed his life.

In 2014, Grigor Dimitrov reached the semifinals at Wimbledon.


Grigor Dimitrov was once the biggest promise in men’s tennis, won the junior tournament in Wimbledon, reached the semifinals there at the age of 23, later also reached the semifinals of the Australian Open and the US Open once and won the final of the eight best of the year. He was often compared to Roger Federer because of his elegant playing style. The career went according to plan. Then the Bulgarian contracted the corona virus right at the beginning of the pandemic. It made his life hell.

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