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The Truth is Revealed: Men Call Off Marriage Due to Girlfriend’s Stretch Marks


Choosing a partner to marry is not an easy matter. Sometimes even though they have planned a wedding there are obstacles that can make the marriage cancelled, like this one story.

Reporting from eva.vn, this couple from China failed to get married because the woman was found to have stretch marks on her stomach. The man named Vuong Dung is 24 years old himself is a programmer who has a high salary. He met his girlfriend, 23-year-old Trieu Le through a dating app on social networks.

Trieu Le works as a teacher. Even though the salary is not very high, Trieu Le has a beautiful face.

After dating for some time, the two decided to get married. Vuong Dung and Trieu Le’s marriage was supported and approved by the families of both parties.

On the engagement day, Vuong Dung gave a dowry in the form of gold jewelry worth 30 thousand yuan or around Rp. 65 million to Trieu Le and to his parents worth 88,888 yuan or Rp. 193 million. The engagement of the two was held at the hotel by spending around Rp. 10.8 million.

After officially engaged Vuong Dung and Trieu Le decided to live together. Unexpectedly one night Vuong Dung saw that Trieu Le had stretch marks on her stomach. Vuong Dung immediately thought that the stretch marks were the result of childbirth.

This made Vuong Dung very angry and thought that his fiancé had already given birth to a child with someone else and hid it. Vuong Dung then asked Trieu Le about this. Confused, Trieu Le replied, “What are you saying I don’t understand”.

Trieu Le’s answer apparently made Vuong Dung even more angry. Vuong Dung then pushed his fiancé roughly.

On the other hand Vuong Dung’s parents asked Trieu Le’s parents to give an explanation and return the marriage dowry. Trieu Le’s parents were certainly surprised to hear this. He thought his daughter was lying so he scolded Trieu Le.

But Trieu Le insisted that he had never given birth to a child with someone else. Trieu Le said that if he had ever had a girlfriend but never had sex at all, it was impossible for him to be pregnant.

To prove it, finally Trieu Le’s parents asked their daughter to see a doctor. If it is true that her daughter has given birth, her parents will agree to annul the marriage and return all the dowry.

After that, Trieu Le was examined by a doctor at the hospital. The result was quite surprising because it was different from what was alleged.

It seems that the stretch marks on Trieu Le’s body are different from those of postpartum women. The stretch marks on Trieu Le’s body are caused by changes in body weight.

It turns out that Trieu Le used to have a full body. After setting the engagement date, Trieu Le tried to diet to lose weight so she could look beautiful on her wedding day. As a result the weight was down to 20 kg. And because of that his body also has stretch marks.

Feeling sorry, Vuong Dung then apologized to Trieu Le. But Trieu Le could not forgive him and was already hurt. She also canceled her marriage to Vuong Dung because she didn’t want to be with someone who didn’t believe in her.

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