The Top 10 Most Hated Male Singers, Female Singers and Groups of 2023 Revealed – Will Alan Tam Win Again?

The top 10 “male singers, female singers and groups I hate the most” voted by the website are released, and Alan Tam continues to be shortlisted.

Entering December, major music streaming and broadcasting platforms have successively distributed renewal orders. Among them, the “Chizha Music Popular Chart Award Ceremony” also announced “My Favorite Male Singer, Female Singer and Group in the Chizha Music Industry” as early as November 24 “After the top 5 results, many music fans voted for their favorite singers. However, have you ever thought that you can vote for “My Most Hated Male Singer, Female Singer, and Group”? The Facebook page “Speak Up for Hong Kong” launched the “My Most Hated Male Singer, Female Singer” and Group” voting activity has now entered the second stage, allowing netizens to vote for the top 5 from the final 10.

The conference bluntly stated that “one person, one vote, vote the truth” and stated that the number of votes will be limited by IP. Each person can choose up to 3 units. If you have never voted and are unable to vote, please change the WIFI, device or network and try again. Take a look at the top 10 list of “Male and Female Singers and Groups I Hate” in 2023! In fact, the gold medal winners for the “Male and Female Singers and Groups I Hate” in the past three years have all been Alan Tam, Miriam Yeung and Supper Moment, and they are also among the top 10 shortlisted this year. It is unknown whether they will win again?

The top 10 “male singers I hate the most” in 2023 (in no particular order):
Alan Tam, Chung Chun Tao, Anson Lo, Zeng Bitt, Xian Jingfeng, Jordan Chan, Xu Zhian, Zhang Chiheng, Jiang Tao, Zhou Pakho

The top 10 “female singers I hate the most” in 2023 (in no particular order):
Liu Yunqing, Zhan Tianwen, Miriam Yeung, Deng Ziqi, Zhang Mansha, Yao Zhuofei, Fei Ma, Yan Mingxi, Lin Erwen, Wu Ruoxi

The top 10 “groups I hate the most” in 2023 (in no particular order):
Greater Wan Chai, After Class, Grasshopper, Winner, Super Tiger, Supper Moment, MIRROR, Farmer, XIX, Twins

Alan Tam (Alan Tam Weibo)

Anson Lo盧瀚霆 (Anson Lo IG)

Pakho Chau (Pakho Chau IG)

Miriam Yeung (Miriam Yeung IG)

Yan Mingxi (Yan Mingxi IG)

Wu Ruoxi (Wu Ruoxi IG)

Supper Moment (Supper Moment IG)

XiX (XiX IG)


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