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A surprising scene happened to a British woman when she was taking a picture in front of a mirror: her three reflections were in different poses, just like in a movie, which attracted a lot of talk. Because the mobile phone used for shooting is an iPhone, there may be “minor errors” caused by AI retouching technology.

The reflection in the mirror is actually different

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Photos taken of British comedian and actress Tessa Coates as she tried on a wedding dress show a stunning sight, according to her Instagram post. In the photo, Coates is wearing a wedding dress and standing in front of two mirrors, but each reflection shows a different pose.

One of the mirrors shows her hands hanging down, another shows her hands folded at her waist, and she herself has her left hand hanging at her side. For those who don’t know the situation, this can be a pretty shocking image.

Synthetic Unexpected Effects in iPhone Photography

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Some people speculate that this is a “bug” in the iPhone photography process. Since the camera fails to recognize that it is photographing a mirror, it sees the three Coates in the mirror as different people. Coates was moving when the photo was taken, so when the shutter was pressed, many different images were captured in the moment the camera panned across the scene, due to the fact that it was a panoramic photo capture. Apple’s algorithm stitches these photos together, choosing the best saturation, contrast, detail and blur-free version.

The final composite image should be the best and most realistic at that moment. However, due to the existence of mirrors, the algorithm determines that the image shown in each mirror at different times is the best image for that reflection. This resulted in three different Coates. This result can be reproduced on any recent iPhone and many types of smartphones, due to the limitations of AI photography technology in dealing with mirrors.

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The effect caused by “panorama mode”?

There was a lot of talk after the incident. Some people estimated that the iPhone’s “panorama mode” was used to shoot, so the protagonist’s dynamics would change over time. The younger generation has discovered this phenomenon and is using it to generate interesting images on social media.

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