The best star in the K-League is a ‘goal-scoring defender’… MVP award in tears


Ulsan’s goal-scoring defender Kim Young-kwon has become the best star in K-League 1 this season.

Kim Young-kwon cried with emotion at being selected as MVP for the first time in his life, and his wife, who watched, also shed hot tears.

Reporter Park Joo-mi visited.


Fans waited two hours in advance for the lucky event where 2,300 people applied and only 200 were selected.

As the MVP announcement, the highlight of the awards ceremony, approaches, tension reaches its peak.

[“MVP는 울산 현대 김영권.”]

The moment when central defender Kim Young-kwon, who helped Ulsan win two consecutive league championships, received the honor of MVP.

Kim Young-kwon, the father of three siblings and who has a special love for his family, shed hot tears.

[김영권/2023 K리그1 MVP : “여보, 이 트로피는 땀과 노력이 하나 하나 들어가 있는 트로피라고 생각해…”]

The wife who was watching at the scene also had tears in her eyes as soon as she heard the testimony.

[박세진/김영권 선수 부인 : “올 한해 고생많았고 MVP 수상으로 고생이 조금이나마 보상받는 것 같아 너무 감사한 것 같아 고생했어.”]

Kim Young-kwon, who played as a defender scoring two consecutive goals in the World Cup and held a goal celebration each time thinking of his family, finally stood at the top of the K-League.

Kim Young-kwon never forgot to thank coach Hong Myung-bo, who had been his mentor for 15 years since the 2009 Youth World Cup.

[김영권/2023 K리그1 MVP : “(올 시즌에)경기력이 안 좋았던 시기가 잠깐 있었습니다. (그때) 감독님께서 한두 경기 못 하면 어떠냐고 (해주셨어요.) 그때 속이 좀 뻥 뚫리면서….”]

Director Hong Myung-bo won the Coach of the Year Award for two consecutive years, overcoming fierce competition from Gwangju Lee Jeong-hyo and Pohang Kim Ki-dong.

This is Park Joo-mi of KBS News.

Camera reporter: Seong In-hyeon/Video editor: Park Gyeong-sang

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2023-12-04 22:05:00

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