The time will be clear on Monday. The air will warm up to +10 degrees per day – Weather – News

In some places – mainly in Vidzeme and Latgale, on Monday evening also in other regions – precipitation is expected, mostly short-term rain, but ice and snow grains are also forecast, possibly wet snow.

The wind will blow slowly to moderately from the west, northwest, gusts of up to 16 meters per second are expected on the coast of Vidzeme.

The minimum temperatur in the night and in the morning will be -1 .. + 4 degrees, on the coast up to +8 degrees. During the day the air temperature will rise to +6 .. + 10 degrees.

In Riga, the sky will be clear on Monday night, there will be more clouds during the day, short-term precipitation is expected. At night a slow to moderate westerly wind will blow and the air temperature will drop to +2 .. + 4 degrees; During the day, northwest wind gusts will reach up to 15 meters per second, the maximum air temperature will be +9 degrees.



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