The task of stabilizing foreign investment this year still focuses on the Ministry of Commerce’s five key directions


[The task of stabilizing foreign investment this year is still important. The Ministry of Commerce has clarified the five key directions]Although China‘s use of foreign investment will grow against the trend in 2020, the situation for stabilizing foreign investment this year is still grim. On March 1, the official website of the Ministry of Commerce announced the “Notice on Doing a Good Job in Stabilizing Foreign Investment Focusing on Building a New Development Pattern”, which put forward 22 specific measures from five aspects to deploy this year’s work on stabilizing foreign investment. (China Business News)

Although China‘s use of foreign capital will grow against the trend in 2020, the situation for stabilizing foreign capital this year is still grim. On March 1, the official website of the Ministry of Commerce announced thejobs“Notice” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”), proposes 22 specific measures from five aspects to deploy the work of stabilizing foreign investment this year.

Former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Commerce,China International Economic Exchange CenterVice Chairman Wei Jianguo told China Business News that the notice is mainly to implement the Foreign Investment Law and Implementation Regulations that will be implemented in 2020 and the “Encourage Foreign InvestmentindustryCatalog (2020 Edition)”, one of the highlights is that it has changed the concept of management, restriction, and supervision with policies in the past, and changed it to an encouragement-oriented service concept.

The notice pointed out that it is necessary to expand high-level opening to the outside world, attract more high-quality external factor resources and promote the domestic cycle.Before implementing in-depth accessNational treatmentAdd a negative list management system, implement the “Catalogue of Industries Encouraging Foreign Investment (2020 Edition)”, promote the combination of attracting capital and attracting talents, and formulate the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for Utilizing Foreign Investment.”

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In Wei Jianguo’s view, most of the opportunities for foreign investment in the past were in coastal areas. Under the background of “creating a dual-cycle link and support point for domestic countries”, opportunities for foreign investment may lie in coastal areas, free trade zones, or in coastal areas. The central and western regions, even in the border areas.

The notice stated that it is necessary to improve the level of open platforms and create domestic and international dual-cycle connection points and support points.Create a new highland for reform and opening up, in-depth development of service industry expansion and opening up demonstration pilots, promote the innovation and upgrading of national economic development zones, and upgrade border (span) areasThe level of development, Actively promote regional open development.

Wei Jianguo said: “Improving the development level of border (span) combined areas and actively promoting regional open development. This is the first time it has been proposed.”

The notice also emphasized the need to increaseIndustry chainInvestment promotion efforts have promoted the integration of international and domestic industrial chains. Innovate ways of attracting investment, actively attract strategic investment, carry out various investment promotion activities, and give full play to the role of various exhibitions.

The notice pointed out that it is necessary to improve the foreign investment service guarantee system to ensure the industrial chainsupply chainKey foreign investmententerpriseStable operation.Improve the foreign investment service mechanism and strengthen the focusForeign companiesContact services, promote the accelerated implementation and construction of key foreign investment projects, continue to increase protection of foreign investment, and make good use of special funds for foreign economic and trade development.

“One of the keys to perfecting the foreign investment service guarantee system and mechanism is to establish a complaint mechanism. We must listen to the feedback of foreign businessmen to allow state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, and foreign enterprises to compete fairly.” Wei Jianguo added.

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GE China President and CEO Xiang Weiming told CBN that the above notice encourages foreign investment to participate in China‘s new development stage.At present, China is the largest GE in the world outside of the United States.Big orderA countrymarketGlobal supply chainAn indispensable part of the system. In recent years, China‘s continuously optimized business environment has allowed GE to continuously respond to China‘s development needs, bring the latest global R&D scientific and technological achievements to China, and invest in local R&D innovation, manufacturing, talent training, and procurement with partners.

Stabilizing foreign investment is severe, but opportunities exist. Official data show that in 2020, China‘s use of foreign capital will grow against the trend. The actual use of foreign capital for the whole year is 999.98 billion yuan, an increase of 6.2%. There are 39,000 newly established foreign-funded enterprises, making China the world‘s largest foreign capital inflow country. In January 2021, China‘s actual use of foreign capital continued the development trend of the previous year, reaching 91.61 billion yuan that monthRMBYear-on-yearAn increase of 4.6%.

Although the situation in the use of foreign capital is good, Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao stated at a press conference of the State Council Information Office on February 24 that the situation of stabilizing foreign capital this year is severe and complicated because of its uncertainty. On the one hand, its uncertainty is due to the uncertainty of the epidemic and the uncertainty of economic recovery; on the other hand, competition among countries for investment has become increasingly fierce.United Nations Trade and DevelopmentmeetingIt is predicted that this year’s global FDI will fall by 5% to 10% on the basis of the 42% drop last year. The situation is grim, but we believe that opportunities also exist.

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In the context of global epidemic prevention and control, foreign-funded enterprises have continuously increased their confidence in the Chinese market and continued operations in China.

The annual announcement by the German Chamber of Commerce in ChinabusinessThe confidence survey report shows that among the German companies surveyed, 39% of the companies have achieved growth in their business in China in 2020, and 42%Corporate profitsIncrease; for the situation in 2021, most German companies in China are optimisticattitude. 77% of companies believe that their industry will develop better in China than in other markets, and 72% of companies expect to share in Chinathe companySales will increase, 56% of companies expectprofitWill increase, 96% of companies said that they have no plans to leave China, and 72% of companies plan to invest further.Interviewed German companies believe that China has a huge presence in innovative technologies and digital solutions.Business

(Source: China Business News)

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