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The student union has reported to the Ombudsman about two unwanted sexual situations between a teacher and a student

During the month, LSA has received seven reports on possible violations in higher education institutions. Five of them were for misconduct.

There are currently four active processes, while one has been resolved.

LSA does not disclose which universities received reports, in order not to complicate the resolution of issues for the Office of the Ombudsman, student self-governments and higher education institutions.

On the LSA website “www.lsa.lv/vajag-palidzibu“students can report violations they have experienced or observed at their higher education institution.

After receiving the report, it is reviewed by LSA staff in order to determine the nature of the situation and evaluate further action. The student self-government of the relevant higher education is informed about all received reports. It must provide information to the LSA obtained during the determination of the actual situation, as well as information about the solution to the situation.

The submitter of the report, who has provided his contact information and identified himself, receives feedback on the progress of the submission and its result when it is reached.

The Office of the Ombudsman is informed about conduct of an unwanted sexual nature.

The issue of sexual harassment became particularly relevant after it was revealed that the Jāzeps Vītolas Academy of Music of Latvia (JVLMA) received several student complaints about possible sexual harassment by lecturers. So far, disciplinary punishment has been applied to one lecturer, another lecturer has been suspended without the possibility to communicate with students. Concerns of a similar nature have also been publicly expressed about a lecturer at the Academy of Arts.

The State Police has started criminal proceedings in connection with the information about the possible harassment of female students by JVLMA lecturers. The criminal process has been started according to the section of the Criminal Law on criminal offense against morality and sexual integrity.

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