The Strip Bar Schoolgirl in Plovdiv: A Story for the Wealthy with…

BGN 500 was the minimum rate for sex of the 18-year-old schoolgirl who satisfied wealthy customers in a strip bar in the center of Plovdiv. This was learned by “Maritsa” from reliable sources. However, there was no price ceiling. The more extras the meraclia wanted, the more the pay went up. According to acquaintances, some paid BGN 4,000-5,000 to satisfy their urge in her company.

We remind you that the schoolgirl was discovered during a special police operation during which the 32-year-old owner of the bar was detained. In the early hours of March 19, uniformed men stormed the establishment, arresting several more people, including female dancers. They were released after questioning. It was found that the boss had offered two women sexual services for payment at the establishment at different times. One of them is the 12th grade student. Both worked as dancers at the club. The lewd acts with their participation were carried out in specially adapted rooms – booths in the establishment.

During the pre-trial proceedings, many actions were carried out in the investigation – questioning of witnesses, with which the activities of the owner were documented, searches and seizures were carried out in Plovdiv and Sofia, a large amount of money, computer configurations, telephones and other things were seized. The head of the strip club was detained for up to 72 hours by decree of the supervising prosecutor. Actions on the investigation are ongoing.

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