The Story of Twin Girls from China, Successfully Exchange Passports Up to 30 Times


Twin girls from China this is a sensation. They admit that so far they have succeeded in exchanging passports more than 30 times. How’s the story?

The twin sisters were known as the Zhou Sisters. They are from the city of Harbin, China. The Zhou brothers’ actions finally stopped at the hands of the Chinese police.

As it turned out, during this time, the Zhou twins exchanged passports to go traveling. They successfully carried out this action at least more than 30 times before finally being arrested by the police.

Collected detikTravel from several sources, Thursday (30/6/2022) the story began when Hong (not his real name), one of the Zhou brothers, wanted to travel to Japan with his husband who is also a Japanese national.

But unfortunately, Hong’s Japan visa application is always rejected. Meanwhile, his twin brother, Wei (not his real name) has a valid Japanese visa.

Hong also took advantage of his physical resemblance to Wei, then borrowed his passport which had a valid Japanese visa. Hong has also used the same method for traveling to several countries, including Russia, more than 30 times.

It turns out that Hong is not the only one who takes advantage of the physical resemblance between the twins. Wei also did the same. He used Hong’s passport to travel to Thailand and several other countries.

Authorities in China managed to uncover the mode of exchanging this passport in early 2022, but only recently viral on social media this week. The Zhou brothers have been in China since May 2022.

On Weibo social media, the video of the twins swapping identities to go abroad for more than 30 times has been watched by more than 360 million people.

This case raises public questions about immigration security China at the border gate. The Chinese government claims their facial recognition technology can recognize 1.4 billion citizens in just seconds. But the Zhou Sisters case tarnished that claim.

“Even the most advanced technology fails to prevent this. It’s incredible,” quipped one Weibo user.

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