The story of Mrs. Kadi and Fitri, living in a room full of dirt, not coming out since their father passed away Poor condition occurred mother and child in Pedukuhan Dlaban, Desa Sentolo, Sentolo, Kulon Progo, DIY.

Bu Kadi (60) and Fitri (19), as residents call the mother and child.

The two of them lived in a room full of trash to human excrement after the death of their father.

Ironically, they never wanted to leave the room.

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Disability, left behind by the figure of the head of the family

Noviana Rahmawati, Functional Social Worker of the Kulon Progo Social Service, stated that Mrs. Kadi had vision problems.

Meanwhile, his daughter, Fitri, has difficulty communicating.

All day long, Fitri was silent.

This made it difficult for both of them to take care of themselves.

The condition gets worse at times Mrs. Kadi and Fitri left by the head of the family, Sukadi.

In the past, both of them were treated by Sukadi. However, Sukadi became ill and died of lung problems.

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Eat, sleep and defecate in the same room

Because no one is taking care of them anymore, the situation of both of them is very poor.

Bu Kadi and Fitri always live in a room in their house.

In that room, Bu Kadi and Fitri ate, slept until they defecated and urinated.

Not surprisingly, the condition of the room smelled very strong.

Apart from human excrement, their room is also filled with garbage.

In that room, Bu Kadi and Fitri also have two chickens. They sleep with their cattle.

Ironically, the mother and child never wanted to leave their room.

“Earlier I tried to take them out to the bathroom, I didn’t want to, I even cried. We need further assessment to determine the physical and mental health conditions of both,” said Novi.

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Food is assisted by residents

Bu Kadi’s neighbor, Heri explained that the situation was both bad.

The residents also took turns to feed them in the morning.

However, no residents have yet dared to help clean their houses and their bodies.

“Not taking care of it in the sense of washing it. No one is capable of it (to bathe),” said Heri.

The Puskesmas side, said Heri, had come and examined both of them.

The Social Service is currently preparing steps to deal with the conditions of Bu Kadi and Fitri.

Source: (Author: Yogyakarta Contributor, Dani Julius Zebua | Editor: Khairina)


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