Former President Atambayev arrested again in Kyrgyzstan – Abroad – News

“Special forces invaded his residence,” Jollubayev said in Koitash, near the capital, Bishkek. “They detained the former president.”

This information has also been approved by the National Security Committee.

During the protests on the night of October 6, the demonstrators released the former president from the State National Security Committee’s remand center.

The Bishkek court then announced that he had been placed under house arrest.

Atambayev was convicted in June of illegally acquiring a criminal authority. He is also the main defendant in the August 2019 clashes in Koitasi.

Simultaneously with the detention of the former president, Bishkek Commander Almazbek Orazaliyev announced on Saturday that a commander’s hour would be announced in the capital from 9 pm to 5 am

The sale of weapons is also prohibited in the capital, as well as the sale of alcoholic beverages from 18:00. Rallies, meetings and demonstrations are prohibited.

A special entry and exit regime has also entered into force in Bishkek.

President Dzeenbekov declared a state of emergency in Bishkek on Friday and ordered the deployment of troops on the streets of the capital.

It has already been reported that the Kyrgyz opposition has rejected the results of the October 4 parliamentary elections, alleging voter bribery and falsification. After the elections in the capital, Bishkek and elsewhere in the country, widespread protests broke out and clashes with police.

To prevent the situation from escalating in the country, the Kyrgyz Central Electoral Commission on Tuesday canceled the election results and the government has resigned.


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