They have spawn. Here is the release date of two great middle-classers – the Chinese are challenging Apple

The manufacturer has confirmed the release date of two strong mediums – Realme Q2 and Realme Q2 Pro. Both models will be presented at the event on October 13. One thing is for sure – Realme has a lot of courage to show new smartphones on the same day as Apple.

Realme Q2 oraz Realme Q2 Pro These are two very interesting mediums that will be available for sale soon. The manufacturer has officially confirmed the release date, we also know the appearance and specification of these models. What is worth knowing about them?

The expected release date indicated the next Tuesday, but it seemed unlikely, because on the same day one of the hottest smartphones of this year will debut, i.e. iPhone’a 12. Realme apparently does not mind, and the manufacturer is not worried that the eyes of the entire industry will be turned in a different direction. Congratulations on your courage, and Realme Q2 and Q2 Pro will be presented on October 13.

Realme Q2 and Q2 Pro will debut on October 13

What do we know about the specification? The predecessors were just rebranded Realme models, but now things will be different – and better. Realme Q2 and Q2 Pro can build on to some extent Realme 7 Pro (which you can buy in Poland). The change will affect even the processor, which will be MediaTek Dimensity 800U – tests will show if it’s a good idea. Right out of the box, they’ll run on Android 11.

Realme X7 Pro will make its debut in Europe. What price?

Another novelty is also the vegan leather panel, although it is not entirely certain whether it will be the only variant. Very fast charging will certainly be on board – leaks indicate a 65W charger. The LCD screen in the cheaper model will have a 120 Hz refresh rate (it can be a nice alternative to POCO X3 NFC), and the Pro version will get an AMOLED 60 Hz matrix. You can read more about both models below:

This is what Realme Q2 Pro looks like in leather! This medium will threaten Xiaomi



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