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The Story of a Mother Who Was Beaten by a Viral Car in Medan: She Wants to Go to the Mosque


The video of the car driver hitting the motorbike and then hitting the teenager with the initials F (17) has gone viral on social media. F’s mother, Ina, said that her son was going to the mosque when the incident occurred.

The incident is said to have occurred in front of a mini market on Jalan Pintu Air IV, Kwala Bekala Village, Medan Johor, on Thursday (16/12/2021). Ina called her daughter to the mini market to buy snacks for her friends before going to the mosque.

“Towards sunset, he wants to go to the mosque from home. Before going to the mosque, he stops at a mini market to buy snacks and wants to take it to the mosque for his friends,” said Ina to reporters, Friday (12/24/2021).

He said his son came out of the minimarket after buying snacks. According to him, F saw that his motorbike was already moving forward because it was hit by a car.

Ina said that F told him that he asked the driver of the car to shift his car because F was about to take out the motorbike. Ina said the car driver did not accept and abused F.

“After he finished eating, he came out, he came out because his Honda (motorcycle) was too close to the front. I was afraid of being rubbed by other people’s cars. So, he said, ‘Sir, please move a little the car’ he said like that. I don’t know, the father might feel how, I don’t know, ‘You’re not polite, orders’ immediately hit. ‘Who is your father?’ Kicked my son’s leg, ‘Who is your father?’ He said like like that, “said Ina.

Ina said residents then came to intervene. He said the driver of the car left, while his son remained at the mosque.

Ina said F told her about the incident after F came home from the mosque. They then made a report to the Medan Polrestabes.

Police Hunt Perpetrators

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit at Polrestabes Medan Kompol M Firdaus said his party had received a report from the victim. Officers have examined four witnesses related to the incident. Officers have also identified the perpetrators.

“Yes, that’s right, the victim has made a report, for the perpetrator is in pursuit. Four witnesses,” said Firdaus.

“Yes, it is true (the identity of the perpetrator has been identified),” added Firdaus.

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