Newcastle Goalkeeper Nick Pope Ridiculous Blunder Viral Against Liverpool

CNN Indonesia Sunday, 19 Feb 2023 06:00 WIB Newcastle goalkeeper Nick Pope caught the ball far from outside his penalty box. (Action Images via Reuters/LEE SMITH) Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Videos and photos showing goalkeeper actions Newcastle Nick Pope when he made a ridiculous blunder when his team faced Liverpool went viral on social media. Not […]

viral! Part of the Sun Breaking Recorded by NASA, Scientists are Stunned

NASA’s James Webb Telescope captures the rare moment a part of the sun splits. Photo/Screenshot of @TamithaSkov’s Twitter video WASHINGTON – An incident that had never been seen before stunned scientists, namely that part of the sun’s north pole was split. The moment was captured by NASA’s James Webb telescope and the video has gone […]

14-year-old girl commits suicide after her video is bullied viral

Jakarta – Adolescence, he said, is a beautiful time, filled with friendship and puppy love that makes you smile. But what happened to this 14-year-old girl was just the opposite. Adriana Kuch is a student at Central Regional High School in Berkeley Township. He was found dead at his home two days after the attack […]

Excited Man Claims Paspampres Allegedly Abused North Sumatran Residents Wants to See Jokowi

Deli Serdang – Several men confessed Paspampres allegedly mistreating residents who wanted to see President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). The event is called happening when Jokowi visited Deli Serdang, North Sumatra. Reported detikSumatra, Thursday (9/2/2023), it was seen that a number of residents were involved in an argument with men who claimed to be Paspampres. The […]

Retired TNI’s Viral Releasing Service Plate Will Fill Pertalite Apologizes

Jakarta – A car driver takes off his TNI service plate when he is filling in Pertalite subsidized fuel. The car was driven by the son of a retired TNI AD. “The user of the official vehicle recorded on the video is the son of Major General Mindarto on behalf of Yonatan Wiliam Pascalis,” said […]