The sex landlord sent a message “I DIYed three times after you left.” The silly girl was forced to move and ended up unhappy- Life- News Zhongshi

“Meet this bad landlord!” A netizen broke down and said that she was in a hurry to move recently, and finally found the house she wanted after searching for a long time. Unexpectedly, the landlord had unreasonable thoughts about her and sent messages to harass her, “I will call XX after you leave. Two or three times”, the network woman was brutally assaulted after check-in by she. As soon as the article came out, many netizens got scared and all left messages urging her to immediately call the police for help, saying, “It’s really embarrassing to be a woman.”

The original OP is in the forum《Discard》The document stated that the original home’s lease had not yet expired and the landlord wanted to take back the home for some reason and was giving it a month to move in. Due to time constraints, it was difficult to find a home that met his needs, but didn’t expect it to be the beginning of a nightmare.

In fact, the original PO felt something was wrong when she was looking at the house. The landlord first tried “if you have a boyfriend”, and continued to verbally harass her, and sent a message: “After you leave you’re gone, I’ll call XX two or three times.” However, since good items were hard to find, the original OP had no choice but to bite the bullet and move.

The original purchase order stated that the new rental house was to live with the landlord, and there was another tenant living next door, and the downstairs was the common living space of the landlord, landlady, home and the baby. One day, when she asked the landlord to take care of the house problem, the other party suddenly reached out and stroked her buttocks. Although she said that “I have a boyfriend”, the landlord he was still impassive and said with disgust, “I want to touch him again.” . The original PO did not dare to speak, broke down and said: “I dare not react, because I have not seen anything I like, and I am afraid that if I offend him, I will be kicked out again.”

After the post was exposed, netizens urged the original OP to leave as soon as possible, and even urged her to call the police for help: “You should stop shouting immediately! And take the initiative to call the police! It doesn’t matter if you find a home again, personal safety should be the first priority.”, “He tested the profits and escaped after saving the evidence to avoid more regrettable things.” My God, this is too bad”, “Hurry to file, please, it’s very serious”.

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