The series of the Ambassador’s Daughter episode, was shown on the complete Star TV channel

Now new events in Daughter of the Ambassador series, the third episode Sefirin Kızı Follow us and the third episode, where the series has become one of the most important topics that fans of the daughter of the Ambassador series are looking for, especially after the hero Engin Akyurek in a new crisis, with a series on the series holding a referendum on his performance and comparing him to the performance of another actor in the series, especially after Akurek dealt very badly with his girlfriend She was sexually assaulted, as her warm hug did not allow her close friend to act differently with her and behave more humanely with her, especially after trying to commit suicide.

We are watching the romantic series tonight, the daughter of the Ambassador, who carries more action and excitement in an attractive romantic context, at 08:00 Turkish and Saudi time, and at 07:00 Egypt time.

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  Episode 3 of the Ambassador's son
Episode 3 of the Ambassador’s son

Show the series of the daughter of the ambassador

His son Al Safeer series, the third true series, is a romantic series of the first degree, we have always been accustomed to that Turkish series offer a unique model, especially in historical and romantic series, as these series attract a large number of viewers, especially women, because of the sad series of romantic events.

Participants in the referendum voted on the series page that they prefer the character of the heroine Atagol to continue with Gidez, the friend of the hero Akyurek, stressing that the events of the series in this direction are more effective and interesting than the continuation of Akurek, and some newspapers published that the role of Gidez should be changed to be more comprehensive than Akurek.

The date of the series, Son of the Ambassador, the third episode

The Turkish Star TV channel broadcasts the episodes of his son ambassador series every week every Monday at 7 pm Egypt local time Mecca and Turkey, where the audience of his son ambassador series awaits the events of the third episode, especially after the case of controversy that was recently raised because of the wages of the heroes of work, which is considered from the top Wages at the level of Turkish artwork.

The events of the series started with the hero Akyurek searching for his brother after he disappeared inside an embassy to meet the hero Atagul, and a wonderful love story begins between the two heroes.

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