Daughter Bruce Willis dispatches here as a hairdresser – stars

Bruce Willis plays the tough guy in his films. At home between ex-wife and daughters, he becomes a hairdresser, as the video by daughter Tallulah shows.

Bruce Willis has retired to corona isolation with his ex-wife Demi Moore, his three daughters, their friends and at least three dogs. The whole team was throwing up on Tuesday Clan including the four-legged friends (!) In striped pajamas and made a convict for a day. Even in the garden, they were romping around in corona uniforms that are otherwise reserved for the bed.

A day later, his 26-year-old daughter Tallulah wanted to do a topless photo shoot. And because there is no hairdresser nearby, Papa was ordered to do the job. Instead of a (film) gun, the 65-year-old star armed himself with a hair clipper and buzzed.

He knows best how to shave his hair, because Bruce has been wearing a so-called buzz cut for years. The action star, with great concentration, eliminated every unruly hair on Tallulah’s head.

The big sister Rumer (31) was also allowed to take it: first for hair cutting, then she took the topless picture of the Schester (see below).

Tallulah’s friend Dillon Buss, who also spends the virus time with the Willis clan, posted his own clip as an insta story.

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