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The sad story of a woman who divorced her husband while pregnant, the reason makes her angry


Usually married couples will feel happy if they have offspring. But instead of feeling happy, this man actually chose to divorce his wife who was pregnant just for something that shouldn’t be a problem.

Reporting from eva.vn, the story happened in China. The woman who had previously given birth to 4 children suddenly became pregnant again. Her fifth pregnancy was unplanned. Unexpectedly, because of this, the husband actually filed for divorce.

The husband, whose name was not mentioned, filed for divorce because he feared that his fifth child would become a girl again. The man’s own family is still old-fashioned and always thinks that a woman must bear a son to continue the lineage. If they could not give birth to a child, they would be considered non-family members.

After the wedding, the woman born in 1997 gave birth to 4 daughters. Previously, the woman who was not named also intended not to have any more children. However, the ancient notion of having a child makes a woman feel sorry for her husband.

Recently, the woman found out that she was pregnant again. She then broke the news to her husband. But instead of being happy, the husband seems really disinterested.

Shortly thereafter, her husband filed for divorce. The reason was because she was afraid that her fifth child would become a girl again, so much so that he was ashamed in front of the people around him.

“He wants to remarry and have a child with another woman,” the woman explained.

In the end, the woman could only agree to the divorce. Her four children will still live with her, and her husband will give her 1,000 yuan ($2,000) every month.

The woman herself did not want to have an abortion because the baby in her stomach was getting bigger. Even though she was very sad and disappointed by her husband’s decision to ask for her divorce, the woman couldn’t help it.

If before this woman had enough difficulty raising 4 children, now she has to work harder while waiting for the birth of her fifth child. She works tirelessly every day, even taking her children to work on holidays. Even though her life was so hard, she believed that if she worked hard, her future would be better.

Woman with child Photo: eva.vn

The woman’s story quickly went viral on social media. Not a few netizens who attended to give comments.

“Nowadays there are still people with old-fashioned views, this is unacceptable,” commented one netizen.

“Why not check if the baby in her womb is a boy or a girl and then decide whether to divorce or not? Her husband is too cruel,” commented another.

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