The Russian State Duma Committee on International Affairs comments on the position of Georgian Dream and EU sanctions

The Russian State Duma Committee on International Affairs commented on the position of the ruling Georgian Dream, which refuses to impose sanctions against Russia.

“Applause. Whatever the difficulties in relations between Moscow and Tbilisi, the current Georgian authorities have found the courage not to succumb to anti-Russian hysteria and to be guided primarily by a position focused on national interests and the well-being of their own citizens. With these priorities, Georgia’s economy is growing rapidly, showing double-digit growth for two years in a row. By the way, Russian tourists bring good income to the country,” the committee said.

Meanwhile, the commentary notes, the EU is preparing the 12th package of anti-Russian sanctions. Thanks to such “far-sighted” European officials, Europe is increasingly turning into Ward No. 6 with clinical signs of degradation, the State Duma notes. Moreover, in all spheres – economic, social, cultural and moral.

“And it seems to be quite contagious. Metastases of political dementia have reached Kyiv, where, having completely lost their sense of reality, they are seriously discussing the issue of changing the names of cities in Crimea – on territory foreign to Ukraine. Is this madness or dementia? Signs of both are clearly evident,” the commentary notes.

As reported EADaily, previously the initiative of the Georgian opposition to introduce restrictions for Russian citizens did not pass beyond the parliamentary bureau. Head of the Budget Committee Andrea Guidiani stated that the expected economic consequences of the proposed measures were not clearly defined in the draft, and this contradicts the principle of universality of the budget system.

The opposition party Lelo proposed conducting inspections of companies created by Russian citizens. The party came up with the idea of ​​adopting an “act on the protection of Georgia from Russian influence,” which included nine points – the introduction of a visa regime, a ban on direct flights, the introduction of an “occupation fee” for companies created by Russian citizens, a ban on broadcasting Russian channels and on entry cars with Russian license plates.

One of the leaders of the ruling party Mamuka Mdinaradze stated that “the introduction of sanctions against Russia is self-deception and the introduction of sanctions against Georgian citizens.”

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