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At the courthouse: From a locker room to the police station

PA and ID appeared in court on November 24, 2023 at the Bobo High Court. They are accused of stealing 11 bags of traditional soap commonly called “kabakourou”.

PA, born in 2001 in Gaoua, is a tricycle driver. Single without children, he lives in sector 20 of Bobo-Dioulasso. In August 2023, 11 bags of kabakourou soaps disappeared from Ibrango. It was PA’s work and IDPA steals 9 bags and ID takes 2 bags. They climbed the fence of Ibrango’s premises which he uses as a warehouse to commit their crime.

In court this Friday, November 24, 2023, the two admit the facts and explain themselves. ID says that after selling the 2 bags of soap, “ I sought to satisfy myself with a girl of joy. In the password room, the girl and I had an argument. She wanted 2,000 FCFA for her performance and I negotiated so that she left it at 1500 FCFA, something she refused. When I left, she insulted me in English and stoned me. In anger, I grabbed a stone to stone her in return. Unfortunately, the stone broke the car window of a gentleman sitting in the bush opposite the hostel. Out of fear, I ran away. I was chased and caught by local residents. The latter headed directly towards the police station with the fugitive that I am », relates ID at the stand.

Afterwards, a dramatic turn of events! ID will be joined in the same police station by PA because the owner of the soap bags filed a complaint for theft, which led to his arrest. This is where ID’s involvement in the theft of the 11 bags of soap also came to light.

PA and ID having confessed to the facts, are sentenced to 5 years and a fine of 1,000,000 FCFA, of which 24 months are suspended and the rest suspended. As for ID, in addition to his sentence for stealing soap, he must compensate the owner of the vehicle whose window he broke with 20,000 FCFA.

Annaïsse Pakotogo/Intern

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