The root of the problem that makes Anies embarrassed and angry with hundreds of children


Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan was angry to his men this morning. Anies gathered his problematic subordinates in the City Hall field. What’s the root of the problem?

“Ladies and gentlemen, we were gathered in this field because when the Regional Secretary issued instructions for all ranks who met the requirements to register for open selection for high-ranking positions of pratama or echelon II leaders, it was found that there were 239 non-administrator officials who met the requirements but did not register for open selection. , “said Anies, at City Hall, Jakarta, Monday (10/5/2021).

Anies said that none of his 239 men had registered. Even though it has met the requirements. Anies considered the actions of hundreds of his men to be irresponsible.

“In this place we gather together I would like to emphasize to all of you, ladies and gentlemen, this is not about echelon 3, echelon 2, echelon 4, no. This is about our organization, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government must be able to run with discipline. this could not have worked well if there was no organizational discipline, “explained Anies.

“This means that if there is an instruction, the instruction must be carried out. If it cannot be carried out, then the responsibility of the recipient of the instruction is to convey that this cannot be because A, B, C, D. But not silent and then hoping that it is not known, hoping it will not be considered a problem. the name is irresponsible action, “he added.

Anies also reminded him to prioritize a culture of discipline. Anies felt embarrassed because there were instructions that were not carried out.

“This is a problem ladies and gentlemen, this is a problem and what is gathered here is a problem ladies and gentlemen. Our real shame is. I want to convey that we are really ashamed here. Shame why are there instructions not being implemented,” he said.

Anies asked his staff to carry out all instructions properly. Anies has asked the DKI inspectorate to list the names of civil servants who work without paying attention to instructions.

“This afternoon is a message to all that every time there is an instruction what should be done? It is carried out, not overlooked. Those who are gathered here are the ones who missed it. Luckily all of you are wearing masks today, you can’t see your face. The father was recorded as individuals who did not carry out instructions, “said Anies.

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