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The Rise and Fall of Lin Fangbing: The Most Beautiful Yang Guifei in Entertainment Industry

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Lin FangbingIt was once described by the outside world as “the number one singer in the 1980s”Beauty“, in 1991 she starred in the TV series “Tang Minghuang” as the peerless “Yang Guifei“, and is known as “The most beautiful Yang Guifei“. Lin Fangbing was at the peak of her acting career in 1987marryresolutely quit after getting pregnant in 1996showbiz,Shocking shadow.Now 58 years old, her true state still attracts attention.netizenIt is hotly discussed that Chinese websites are prohibited from establishing mirror websites. Return to the genuine Chinese website.


Lin Fangbing was born in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province in 1965. Influenced by his parents, Lin Fangbing has been interested in art since he was a child. At the age of 9, Lin Fangbing was admitted to the Nanjing Academy of the Arts and became a Daoma Dan actor.

Once, Lin Fangbing took a life photo in a photo studio. The master of the photo studio thought she was very beautiful, so he asked for her opinion and wanted to put her photo in the window. At that time, Chen Xing was looking for actors for “Love Song in the Valley”. He happened to see the photo and fell in love with it at first sight.

Lin Fangbing was 16 years old at the time. Only after coming to the set did she realize that this place was full of darkness. When I was on the set, I was almost framed.

Once, when Lin Fangbing passed the bathroom, a piece of glass suddenly fell from the sky, almost scratching Lin Fangbing’s face, and fell to the ground, shattering the glass. After several searches, the crew could not find the mastermind behind the scenes. It can only tell her to be more careful in the future.

Lin Fangbing was on tenterhooks and kept a low profile. She walked around the set, dormitory and cafeteria every day, but suddenly someone exposed indecent photos of her. She couldn’t do anything but defend herself, that’s not me, it really wasn’t me. Fortunately, an editor found a flaw – the person in the photo had a longer philtrum than Lin Fangbing’s, which proved Lin Fangbing’s innocence.

Although his innocence was proven, Lin Fangbing, who had just entered society, felt that he might not be suitable for the acting career.

This year, a man named Li Ling from Shenyang Conservatory of Music happened to be on the crew, and he and she met here for the first time. Mutual affection. During those dark days, Li Ling had been comforting her and spending it with her.

Lin Fangbing once wanted to quit the film and television industry, but after persuasion from family and friends, he applied for the Beijing Film Academy and was admitted with excellent results.


While in school, Lin Fangbing received many invitations from the film crew, and later starred in “Our Field” and “Night Truck”, both of which were well received. She won the Hundred Flowers Award for Best Actress for “An Actress’s Dream” .

At that time, actors were being selected for the 1986 version of “Dream of Red Mansions”. Lin Fangbing wanted to play Lin Daiyu, so he recommended himself and went to director Wang Fulin and said, “I want to play Lin Daiyu.”

Unexpectedly, I was rejected outright.

Wang Fulin is famously strict in selecting actors for “Dream of Red Mansions”. Not only must they have classical beauty, but they must also not be famous actors.

I originally thought that my fame and acting skills would be my advantages, but I didn’t expect that it would backfire. Many years later, Lin Fangbing once said: “Not being able to play Lin Daiyu is the biggest regret in my life.”

In 1991, the crew of “Tang Minghuang” invited her to play the role of Concubine Yang.

Lin Fangbing refused at first. She is a drama actress and has a thin body. She felt that she could not handle the role of the plump Yang Guifei. However, the director felt that her temperament and charm were the best candidate to play the role of Concubine Yang.

After thinking about it for a while, Lin Fangbing decided that this was a challenge of his own and accepted it.

After accepting the role, she gained weight while familiarizing herself with the script, wishing she could become a fat beauty in one day.

In order to be closer to the character, Lin Fangbing worked hard to gain weight, often eating after vomiting, and finally gained 50 pounds before starting the movie.

Overcoming many difficulties, Lin Fangbing finally won the Golden Eagle Award for Best Actress for her role as Concubine Yang in “The Emperor”.

So far, in the eyes of the audience, Lin Fangbing is “the most beautiful Yang Guifei”.


Lin Fangbing’s husband is Li Ling, a major in conducting and composition at the Shenyang Conservatory of Music. The two met in 1981 and officially married in 1987.

In 1996, the director of “Water Margin” invited her to play the role of Pan Jinlian, and Lin Fangbing agreed. Just the day before going to the set, she was found to be pregnant. At that time, Lin Fangbing faced the dilemma of family and career.

Maybe many people will have difficulties at this time, but Lin Fangbing is different. She grew up in a difficult family and her father passed away early. She understands the importance of a good growing environment for children. She did not hesitate and decisively chose to quit and go home to raise her husband and children.

A year later, the child was born and named Li Tiantong. The son inherited the advantages of his parents. He was handsome, smart and diligent, and is now a famous conductor.

After Lin Fangbing retired, she rarely appeared on the screen, but from her daily photos, it can be seen that she lived a leisurely and happy life. Although she was 58 years old, she was still positive and optimistic, with an elegant temperament.

Lin Fangbing is not a top artist, nor has she joined the ranks of the rich. However, she worked hard to persist in her passion when she was young. She worked hard to achieve a brilliant career as a young person, and she has a happy middle-aged husband and children.

She does her best at every stage of her life. When it’s time to fight, give it your best, and when it’s time to step back, don’t give up on fame and fortune.

She knows how to be proactive and how to retreat bravely; she works hard for her career, but does not value fame and fortune so much; she supports her husband, raises her son, and loves her family.

She bid farewell to the TV screen that attracted much attention, and became a virtuous wife and a loving mother, turning her ordinary life into a tranquil and beautiful life with flowing water.

I hope you can be like her and meet your beloved in the best years. From now on, you will not be afraid of rumors and ignore the floating clouds of the world, and your years will be peaceful and your life will be stable.

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