The Region will offer aid of up to 600 euros per month per family unit to promote conciliation | Radio Murcia

The Minister of Family and Social Policy, Isabel Franco, has announced this measure, endowed with two million euros in total, at a press conference with the leaders of the UGT and CCOO in the Region. Families that are forced to request a leave of absence or reduction of working hours to take care of children, the elderly or dependent persons and justify a derived salary loss, may request this help with a maximum of 600 euros per month per family unit.

Families will be able to apply for the subsidy whether they reduce their working hours in the future or if they were already forced to do so from March 14, when the state of alarm went into effect. The request can be made in person or online.

The counselor has also explained in Hoy por Hoy what is the process that citizens must follow to access the alternative conciliation spaces that the municipalities will make available to families to welcome children during the days that they should not go to classrooms : “They should go to the City Hall when they know what day their children are not going to be in class and there they will give them all the information.” He added that they will try to make it possible to request the aid when the school year begins.

Since UGT they think that the subsidy is a measure “quite adequate to cushion the loss of wages of the families”, but they consider that a paid leave associated with a compensation fund would be better. Antonio Jiménez, leader of the UGT in the Region of Murcia, has indicated that, however, he is satisfied with the fact that the path to consolidate conciliation rights in the regional territory has begun.

The aid will try to favor the most vulnerable families who have been most affected by the pandemic, according to Jiménez. For his part, Santiago Navarro, leader of CCOO, has highlighted the importance of this type of measure being maintained over time, as it augurs very difficult situations in the future for workers, mainly caused by sprouts.

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