Soon GAS fines for minor speeding offenses

Cities and municipalities will soon be able to issue GAS fines for minor speeding offenses in places where the speed limit is 30 or 50 kilometers per hour. This measure has been approved by the Flemish Parliament.

The enforcement of minor traffic violations in zones 30 and 50 has been a problem for some time. The Flemish government therefore wants to give local authorities the opportunity to fine minor offenses (up to 20 km / h too fast) via the Municipal Administrative Sanctions (GAS fines).

The fines must be determined by an automatic camera. The GAS fines should not only provide more financial resources for local authorities, it is also hoped that it will bring about a change of mentality. That is also what Minister of Internal Administration Bart Somers (Open VLD) says. ‘With this measure, more resources and autonomy are again transferred to the local level. The local authorities will work on this and better enforcement will lead to a change in the mentality and behavior of drivers in traffic, which is a good thing. ‘

Minister of Mobility Lydia Peeters (Open VLD) is also happy with the measure. ‘In this way, local authorities have the opportunity to focus more on enforcement, specifically in those places where there is little control. This is also a good thing for road safety in our municipalities, not only in school environments, but also in residential areas. ‘

Obstacle for charging stations gone

The GAS fine for minor traffic offenses is just one of the many measures in the approved collective decree, a kind of potpourri of interventions in the field of mobility and public works. In the decree, for example, the regional Mobility Plan is overhauled and replaced by a long-term mobility vision. In addition, the charge for charging stations along regional roads and motorways will also be abolished until at least 2025. This load is often seen as an obstacle to the placement of charging stations.


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