The Reason Bruce Willis Quarantines With Demi Moore And Not His Wife Is … Weird

Scout Willis, the middle child of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, went on the “Dopey” podcast last Friday and explained why her divorced parents are quarantining together in Sun Valley, Idaho, while Willis’ current wife, Emma Heming Willis, is staying in Los Angeles with their two daughters.

… And it’s quite a story.

Stefanie Keenan via Getty Images

Rumer Willis, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, Scout Willis, Emma Heming Willis and Tallulah Willis at Moore’s ‘Inside Out’ book party on Sept. 23, 2019, in Los Angeles.

“My stepmom was going to come up here, too, with my little sisters,” Scout Willis, 28, said. ”[But] my younger sister… [who has] never gotten a talk about not fucking with hypodermic needles… she found [needles at a park and] she actually tried to poke her shoe with it and poked her foot.”

She went on to explain that Heming took the 7-year-old child to the doctor to get tests.

“So my stepmom had to be in L.A. waiting to get the results from taking her to the doctor, so my dad came [to Idaho] early and then travel got crazy,” Scout Willis said. “So my stepmom stayed in L.A. with my little sisters.”

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming Willis at an event last year.

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Bruce Willis and Emma Heming Willis at an event last year.

Moore and Bruce Willis divorced in 2000 but they remain friendly. The famous exes raised eyebrows in the past couple of weeks when photos of them quarantining together during the COVID-19 outbreak began hitting social media — especially because Heming wasn’t in any of the photos.

Heming, though, gave her approval to the shot that featured her husband and Moore in matching pajamas. “Not many can pull that color off! ???? Lookin good squad ????????????????,” Heming commented on Instagram.

Steve Granitz via Getty Images

Scout Willis at the “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood” premiere in July 2019.

Scout Willis added on the “Dopey” podcast that even though it seemed “a roll of a dice of who you were with” when most people felt obliged to go on lockdown and socially distance, she feels “very grateful to be with my family.”

“It’s been really funny having both my parents at the house where they raised us, which has been really cute,” she told the podcast. “They were both such nerdy, adorable ’90s parents in a small town where they chose [to raise us] and not be in L.A.”

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