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Counter-Strike: Leaked source code is harmless

A source code caused unrest in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) community on Wednesday (April 22nd): Players should allegedly be the target of hacking attacks.

The message from a Reddit user spread like wildfire in the community: thanks to a leaked source code, hackers should be able to dial into users’ computerswhile playing CS: GO. The same applies to Team Fortress 2 (TF2), another valve shooter. The game developer responded to the rumor with a tweet within a few hours: “We looked at the published code and believe that it is the repost of a limited CS: GO Engine Code Depot, which was released to partners at the end of 2017.” So the code was leaked some time ago, According to Valve, there are currently no security holes.

“We see no reason why players should be alarmed,” continued the developer, recommending – as always – for safety on official CS: GO servers to play. While Valve immediately released this message for CS: GO, the developer took a lot more time with regard to TF2: The community was concerned in the comment columns, as the game is still very popular, but has not had any updates for a long time. Only on Thursday morning (April 23rd) did the TF2 Twitter account announce that there was no need to panic. Should Valve receive further information or the situation change, the information would be shared via the channels mentioned.

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