The reaction of the Indonesian League Club after the competition stopped

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Great clubs League 1 2022/2023 supports the suspension of the competition indefinitely as a result of the tragedy of Kanjuruhan.

The continuity of the implementation of Indonesian football competitions under PSSI, including Liga 1, is currently in the hands of President Joko Widodo.

This is related to the findings of the Joint Independent Fact Finding Team (TGIPF) meeting on the Kanjuruhan tragedy, announced by coordinating minister for political, legal and security affairs Mahfud MD on Tuesday (4/10) night.


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This decision has the backing of several Liga 1 clubs. Persija Jakarta president Mohamad Prapanca said his party claims that the fact-finding team can work optimally.

“We are a rule of law. We follow the rules. The fact-finding investigation team is working,” Prapanca told on Wednesday (5/10).

In addition to Persija, Persita coach Nyoman Suryanthara also understands the sad current situation that forces football not to be able to run.

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“We are still in mourning, mas. As for the state of the competition, we are waiting for the results of the TGIPF and the federation,” said Nyoman.

Meanwhile, Madura United president Achsanul Qosasi also claims the competition will be stopped until there is an official statement from the International Football Association (FIFA).

“Stop the competition until there is an official FIFA statement,” said Achsanul Qosasi, quoted by his Twitter.

In addition, clubs participating in League 2, one of which is FC Bekasi City, also fully support the steps determined by the stakeholders.

“We are sorry for the Kanjuruhan tragedy and as a sign of empathy we support the postponement of this championship and hope that it can be thoroughly investigated for the sake of improving Indonesian football. Now what we can do is to fully support the steps determined by PSSI,” LIB and other related parties, “said FC Bekasi City COO Wafa Amri.

Meanwhile, Serang manager Serang Babay Karnawi has only asked PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) to provide certainty about the continuation of the competition.

“I have a headache because previously the LIB was announced for two weeks. But if it were extended, it would also be a headache. Now I am referring to the LIB letter that the competition has been suspended for two weeks. Now our team is still continue with the training, without a vacation. But basically, all our decisions go with the LIB. as the league operator, “Babay said.

“It’s better to have saklek than to be unsure. Like yesterday, LIB was good at making the decision to stop the competition for two weeks. Then, I want saklek if it’s completely stopped, so stop it, if you want to stop for two weeks and continue without spectators. , it doesn’t matter as long as it’s certain, because if the decision isn’t obviously the club loses, ”added Babay.

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