The owner of the ruined house tells about the tragic accident in Vilani

On the night of Tuesday, September 30, a tragic accident in Vilani robbed the life of a 35-year-old man. We already reported that the man, not controlling the steering wheel of the car, crashed into the building. The show “Degpunkta” went to the scene to find out more about the accident.

According to the program, in the center of Vilani, Rīgas Street at At 3.50 pm there was a noise that woke up all the locals, “I slept. The noise. A blow. Everything. Attapos, his wife shouted that there was an accident, that the house had been demolished, ”says the owner of the ruined house, Dmitrijs.

Dmitry hurried out, where he saw that a fragment of a car had been unrecognized on the side of the street under the ruins of his veranda. A BMW was standing nearby, and its driver was already trying to help the driver of the crashed car.

“He pulled him out of the car and put him on the road. He was certainly not conscious, but he was still alive. Then the “fast” arrived and concluded that he was already dead. “

tells Dmitry.

According to the landlord, after talking to the BMW driver at the scene of the accident, it could be understood that the cause of this tragedy is street racing. The landlord and the neighbors have known the deceased. The man was a local resident who worked in a car parts store. People have noticed that law enforcement officers have removed several bottles of alcohol from a crashed vehicle.

Dmitry’s family, in turn, was saved by a successful coincidence, as the car stopped a few meters away from the beds where people were sleeping at the time. It is not yet known whether the building will be able to be restored. Find out more by watching the plot of the show “Degpunkta”.

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