“The One”: The most expensive house in the world

If you want to own the 9700 square meter villa in Bel Air, you have to dig deep into your pockets. Contractor Nile Niami wants $ 340 million.

Over 9,750 square feet on five acres for $ 340 million. 42 baths, 21 bedrooms, 30 garages, five swimming pools. In the world of luxury real estate, numbers and zeros are strung together that make you dizzy, as well as equipment details that make you lose track of things quickly.

“The One” wants to be more of everything, with a purchase price of 340 million dollars it is considered the most expensive residential building in the world, a true superlative among luxury villas. The location of the villa, which seems to float above the city, has it all. A 360 degree view of the Pacific Ocean, downtown Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Mountains included.

It took eight years to build the villa, which developer Nile Niami wanted to realize himself. It was designed by architect Paul McClean, and over 600 companies were involved in the implementation of the monument.

It should be unique and spectacular, just “The One”. And so the equipment details include around five pools, a 510 square meter suite, four bowling lanes, a cinema as well as its own beauty salon and a tequila bar.

The hair and nail salon is kept in red.The Society Group / the One
Go to the bar despite being locked down?  For "The One" no problem.
Go to the bar despite being locked down? No problem for “The One”.The Society Group / the One

The villa also has an art collection, as it has worked with Creative Art Partners and Art Angeles. In addition, many pieces of furniture by Showroom were specially made for “The One”.

Anyone who buys “The One” can be sure that they will own the largest house in Los Angeles in the future. Only recently a city ordinance was passed that bans houses of this size.

Lots of furniture was made for "The One" specially made.
Much of the furniture was specially made for “The One”.The Society Group / the One
There are five pools in total.  You can also let off steam indoors.
There are five pools in total. You can also let off steam indoors.The Society Group / the One


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