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Today’s iOS tips: 3 free apps, 3 free games and 4 promotions including Old Mans Journey, Drop Flop !, DuoCam. The opportunity to save 28.1 €!

Every day, the editorial team finds you the best deals of the day on the App Store: free app, free game or on sale for a limited time. If an iOS app tempts you, hurry up and download it during the sales! Developers can raise the price at any time, that’s also a good iPhone deal or a good iPad deal.



Free iOS Apps:

phototangler icone app ipa iphone ipadPhotoTangler (App, iPhone / iPad, v2.22, 2 Mo, iOS 8.0, Kurt Miller) changed from € 3.49 to free.

PhotoTangler Collage Maker is a picture app that instantly turns your favorite photos into beautiful collages. It allows you to mix them together in unique and creative ways. It’s easy, fun, and the results seem magical! Just drop photos, and watch PhotoTangler blend them together with all the other photos nearby. Anyone can achieve a beautiful and professional result in two seconds.

You can obviously customize the result, choose the fade, the shadow, etc. Likewise, it is possible to add text and choose the output resolution as well as the ratio.

Not bad for those who share their family moment on Facebook for example.

The +:


Download the free app PhotoTangler

phototangler capture app ipa iphone ipad

duocam icone app ipa iphoneduocim (App, iPhone, v1.4, 3 Mo, iOS 13.0, Fifteen Jugglers Software UG) changed from € 4.49 to free.

Capture both sides of the story! Record your next exciting adventure and your real emotions and reactions at the same time.

Simultaneously record front and rear cameras on your newer iPhone. Share your DuoCam video on all social networks, both in Stories and in your feeds.

Move and resize picture in picture or flip cameras in real time while recording.

The +:

Download the free app duocim

duocam capture app ipa iphone

airdisk pro icone app ipa iphone ipadAirDisk Pro (App, iPhone / iPad, v6.1.1, 22 Mo, iOS 12.0, Felix Yew) changed from € 2.29 to free.


An application that will transform your iPhone or iPad into a wireless storage key. You can transfer large files (photo, video, music, document) without cable between your computer and your iPhone or iPad and vice versa.

It’s convenient and it works, so what more could you ask for? There is even the option to preview files.

The +:

Download the free app AirDisk Pro

airdisk pro capture app ipa iphone ipad

Free iOS Games:

playground ar icone game ipa iphone ipadPlayground AR (Game, Simulation, iPhone / iPad, v4.1, 113 MB, iOS 12.0, Marc Sureda) changed from € 3.49 to free.

Imagine being able to generate toys around you, anywhere, anytime. What a childhood dream, isn’t it? It is now possible with Playground AR: Physics Sandbox which offers to play with building blocks or vehicles of all kinds.

So your children (or yourself) can give free rein to their imagination: build buildings with the cubes or circuits for remote-controlled cars.

You will understand, the possibilities are endless and allows entertainment wherever you are!

The +:

  • A virtual playground

Download the free game Playground AR

playground ar capture game ipa iphone ipad

drop flop ipa game icon iphone ipadDrop Flop! (Game,, iPhone / iPad, v3.0.4, 10 MB, iOS 12.0, Andrey Spencer) changed from € 1.09 to free.

Test your reflex skills in this game by tapping on the screen, to make the ball bounce! The game is easy to learn, difficult to master:

  • Tap the screen to throw a ball
  • Time your shots to catch every ball
  • Play at your own pace


Download the free game Drop Flop!

drop flop capture game ipa iphone ipad

pyrotexni fireworks icone jeu ipa iphone ipadPyrotexni Fireworks (Game, Entertainment, iPhone / iPad, v1.8, 6 MB, iOS 9.0, Doko Software) changed from € 1.09 to free.
Tap and drag with one or more fingers to create fireworks explosions, or drag the cursor on the screen.

You can hear explosion sound effects and view thousands of colorful particles on your iPhone or iPad.

Pyrotexni is perfectly safe and will not melt your screen. 🙂

The +:

  • It’s beautiful
  • A relaxing effect

Download the free game Pyrotexni Fireworks

pyrotexni fireworks capture jeu ipa iphone ipad

Promotions iOS :

twinfold ipa game icon iphone ipadTwinfold (Game, Strategy / Puzzle, iPhone / iPad, v1.0.4, 105 MB, iOS 10.0, Kenny Sun) increased from € 3.49 to € 2.29.
Twinfold is a brainstorming strategy game where you merge numbers and smash faces.

Does the concept sound weird to you? However, to try it is to adopt it!

The +:

  • Strategy lovers will have a blast

Download Twinfold to € 2.29

twinfold capture game ipa iphone ipad

sketchparty tv icon game ipa iphone ipadSketchParty TV (Game, Board games, iPhone / iPad, v4.5.1, 57 MB, iOS 12.0, Magnate Interactive Ltd) increased from € 6.99 to € 5.49.
SketchParty TV is the Pictionary-style drawing and guessing game to play on your iPad and Apple TV!

You could buy an easel, a huge pad of paper, and markers, then write a long list of words and make up a few rules, then try to follow the dots and have markers traces all over your furniture. But who wants to do that?


You could play a drawing game using items you already have at home, like your iPad, HDTV, and Apple TV. Simply activate AirPlay Mirroring, choose the sides, and start a SketchParty. It’s that simple!

The +:

  • The reference game for fun with family or friends

Download SketchParty TV to € 5.49

sketchparty tv capture game ipa iphone ipad

old mans journey ipa game icon iphone ipadOld Mans Journey (Game, Adventure / Puzzle, iPhone / iPad, v1.15, 1.6 GB, iOS 10.0, Broken Rules) increased from € 4.49 to € 1.09.
Old Man’s Journey mixes reflection, adventure and poetic journey.

Very beautiful, Old Man’s Journey is also accessible to all thanks to a simple but well thought out gameplay. The goal will be to advance the old man by modifying his environment. The levels are actually puzzles designed one by one by the developers.

An authentic game about life, regret and hope that tells us the story of an old man in stunning graphics!

The +:

Download Old Mans Journey to € 1.09

old mans journey capture game ipa iphone ipad

crying suns icone jeu ipa iphone ipadCrying Suns (Game, Role Playing / Strategy, iPhone / iPad, v2.2.0, 963 MB, iOS 13.0, Humble Bundle) increased from € 9.99 to € 7.99.

When FTL meets Foundation … and Dune
Crying Suns is a tactical rogue-lite in which you play as a Space Fleet Admiral exploring a dying galaxy.

In this storytelling experience inspired by Dune and Foundation, each successful run will allow you to uncover the truth behind the mysterious fall of the Empire.

– Space exploration in a procedurally generated universe
– Tactical battles between ships and their squadrons
– More than 300 narrative events offering a choice of varied actions with immediate consequences
– A deep and dramatic story structured in 6 chapters
– A dark and eerie atmosphere inspired by our favorite sci-fi universes (Foundation, Dune, Battlestar Galactica)

Download Crying Suns to € 7.99

crying suns capture jeu ipa iphone ipad

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