Father and underage sons detained longer in Lotte business | Inland

The three will remain in pre-trial detention for another two weeks. The examining magistrate of the Overijssel court rules that there are currently sufficient reasons to detain the suspects longer. What exactly the Almelose suspects are suspected of has still not been disclosed.

Lotte’s body was found late Sunday afternoon in a ditch parallel to the Twente Canal, near the Wendelgoor industrial estate in Almelo, not far from a railway bridge. Extensive forensic investigations were carried out there in recent days.

Witness interviews

The police investigation has now been completed, although some cases are still ongoing. “Hearing witnesses, for example,” says a spokeswoman.

Suspects are brought to the examining magistrate behind closed doors. If the Public Prosecution Service wants to keep the suspects in pre-trial detention for longer after these fourteen days, three criminal courts will judge this. This so-called council chamber detention is also behind closed doors.

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