The obligation to wear a mask reinforced in Vienne

Faced with the progression of the Covid-19 epidemic in Vienne, the prefect of the department, Chantal Castelnot, issued an order on Monday, November 29 for reinforce the wearing of the mask. It is again mandatory case even in places subject to the health pass. “The provision which provided for the exemption from the obligation to wear a mask for people accessing a place or an activity subject to the health pass is deleted.“, indicates the prefecture in its press release.”The rule also applies in outdoor establishments such as stadiums“, specifies the services of the state. The measure is entered into force on Monday and short juntil January 31, 2022 inclusive.

The prefecture and the city of Poitiers have also agreed to make the mask mandatory again in the liveliest streets of Poitiers, downtown :

  • Rue du Chaudron d’Or
  • Place du Maréchal Leclerc
  • L’Îlot Tison
  • Place Charles de Gaulle
  • Rue du Puygarreau
  • Rue des Grandes Écoles
  • Lebascles Street
  • Rue de l’Éperon
  • Claveurier Street
  • Rue du Plat d’Étain
  • Alphonse Lepetit Square
  • Palace Street
  • Palace Ladder Street
  • Cordeliers Street
  • Rue de la Regratterie
  • Henri Oudin Street
  • Paul Guillon Street
  • Rue Saint Porchaire
  • Rue de la Marne: from the intersection of Rue Théophraste Renaudot to Place du Maréchal Leclerc
  • Gambetta Street
  • Notre Dame Market Street
  • Rue de l’Ancienne Comédie: from the intersection of Rue de l’Éperon to that of rue Henri Oudin

At the same time, the mask remains compulsory in markets, Christmas markets, queues in outdoor spaces or even public ceremonies and events. The full list can be found below.

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