The number of health workers in Santander with coronavirus increased to 61

According to the new bulletin of the National Institute of Health, INS, on COVID-19 in health personnel in Colombia, 53 workers were infected by work related to the development of their activities.

Another seven professionals were infected outside their workplace and in one more the nexus of the virus has not been defined.

In addition, the INS reported that, of the 61 positive patients, 11 belong to the Primary Data Generating Unit, Upgd, responsible for capturing the occurrence of events of public health interest and generating useful and necessary information for the purposes of the Surveillance System in Public Health.

On June 19, according to INS reports, Santander had 18 confirmed cases of coronavirus in medical personnel. By July 17, a month later, that number rose to 31. In May, the department had only five positives in this population.

In the new report, the number of 5,447 health professionals infected in Colombia is confirmed. 482 are in isolation at home and 472 are asymptomatic.

The INS also reported that 4,923 members of the union have recovered. According to data from the Institute, of the 11,939 deaths in the country from coronavirus, 42 belonged to the health sector.

In addition, it was known that 17 of the deceased worked as doctors, 11 were nursing assistants, four were drivers and three worked as pharmacy technicians.

Among the deceased are also a nurse, two people dedicated to cleaning and / or feeding a medical center, a person assigned to the administrative part, a radiology technician, a surgical instrumenter and a physiotherapist.

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