Need Help, Residents of Rajadesa Ciamis Live in Uninhabitable Houses

Residents of Rajadesa Ciamis
The condition of the house owned by Uus, a resident of Tanjungjaya Village, Rajadesa District, Ciamis Regency, West Java. Photo: Eli / HR

Ciamis News, (, – The house owned by Uus, a resident of RT 003, RW 003, Dusun Desa, Tanjungjaya Village, Rajadesa District, Ciamis Regency, West Java, the condition is very apprehensive. Uus’s house is categorized as unfit for habitation, so it needs government assistance.

Agus Rohimat, a member of the Ciamis DPRD, when interviewed by HR Online, Thursday (8/4/2021) said that he received reports regarding residents who live in unfit for habitation. He immediately went to the location.

“It is true that the house occupied by Uus and his wife and two children is in a bad condition and is also very shabby because many of the rooms and roofs of the houses are rotten,” he said.

Agus continued, with such conditions, Uus was very worthy to receive Rutilahu’s assistance from the Ciamis government. So that later they can occupy a livable house, unlike the current conditions.

Therefore, Agus asked village officials to enter data on Uus who would later receive routine assistance. This means that data collection must be carried out carefully, so that the categories of beneficiaries match the actual conditions.

“I hope the Ciamis Regency Government can immediately help the Uus family. Because currently his house is badly damaged and it is dangerous if it rains, the house could collapse, ”he explained.

Uus, Residents of Rajadesa Ciamis Can’t Afford to Repair Their Homes

Agus continued, from the information he received, the house was an inheritance from Uus’ parents. The house has also been occupied for more than 10 years. However, because he did not have a permanent job and only did odd jobs, Uus was unable to repair the house.

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“Never mind repairing the house to fulfill daily life, Uus only works odd jobs, sometimes there are sometimes not. Even his first child had to drop out of school in junior high school. While his second child is only five years old and there is still electric lighting remember (continued) from other citizens, “he said.

Agus hopes that the data collection of Rutilahu by the Ciamis government can be right on target. “Whichever citizen is included in the category of aid recipients, do not let those who are entitled to receive assistance do not enter,” he said.

He also asked the villagers in the Rajadesa sub -district to immediately report and re -data collection on residents who live in uninhabitable houses.

“From the Ciamis Regency Government, there is already a Rutilahu program, the village only needs to propose for residents who need assistance such as Uus,” he said. (ES / R7 / HR-Online)

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