The new Tom and Jerry 2020 channel frequency on Nilesat to enjoy the best cartoons and cartoons

Searches abound to find out the frequency of the new Tom and Jerry 2020 channel on Nilesat to enjoy the best cartoon and animation films, that channel has enjoyed a large following among all individuals, because it displays many distinctive cartoon films, especially Tom and Jerry, which revolve around comic conflicts between the cat Tom is famous for his pink color, and Jerry’s mouse is famous for his brown color, and they always spoke more funny pranks, due to Jerry’s success in escaping in Tom and trapping him to a new trap.

The new Tom and Jerry 2020 channel frequency

All kids and adults are waiting every moment to enjoy following the events of the cartoon films because it brings them high humor, and Tom and Jerry channel succeeded in reaching that, and it became the main channel within each family, because parents are always keen to give their children what makes them feel happy and happy, and what benefits them Also, the channel not only depends on fun, but also offers many educational and educational programs suitable for children.

The channel can be adjusted by:

Satellite: Nilesat

Channel frequency: 11354

Polarization: horizontal

Coding: 27500

Error correction factor: 3/4

Tom and Jerry channel programs

Tom and Jerry channel got the highest viewing stats since its inception of the whip of the satellite channels for children, and the channel was distinguished by offering many useful programs, for children and adults, without there being long and boring advertising paragraphs, where the viewer does not feel bored and annoyed, as it presents its programs in a way Organized so that programs can keep pace with the times, and help children organize times to follow programs with great enthusiasm, in order to spread the greatest benefit to children.

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