Towards a universal flu vaccine?

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Sunday, January 5, 2020 at 11:15 am – The flu season is in full swing and it is possible to get vaccinated. This treatment is not 100 percent effective given the variety of active strains of the virus. Universal treatment could see the light of day. Explanations.


Influenza is a well-known virus whose symptoms can be severe. In fact, this disease kills. The world has experienced more than one pandemic in recent history, including the episode of Spanish flu at the start of the previous century, which claimed between 50 and 100 million lives. More recently, the H1N1 epidemic has infected hundreds of thousands of people.

Vaccines exist today to try to counter the transmission of this virus. However, the treatment is not as effective as one would like since the microbe comes in several strains. It is difficult to predict which strains will be more active. The recent influenza epidemic has raised serious concerns among the scientific community about the danger posed by the disease to public health.

Scientists are helping develop a vaccine that could become universal and therefore effective against all types of influenza virus. Indeed, a research team at Georgia State University led by Dr. Boazhong Wang is trying to develop this treatment using nanoparticles. Preliminary tests have shown encouraging results with mice. It’s about generating an immune response sufficient to eradicate the influenza virus from the body, regardless of strain.

Source: Advanced Healthcare Materials

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