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The New Dacia Duster: Engine Range and Updates Revealed

The third generation of the Dacia Duster will be presented later this year, so the premiere is only a few weeks away. Series production will start in December and we will start seeing the first pieces on Czech roads in early 2024. Looking ahead, the popular SUV will receive an even bigger sibling called the Bigster, which should offer up to seven seats and share technology with its smaller sibling. What kind of engines are we actually talking about?

Dacia has not revealed that yet. However, information from the Czech magazine RNews.cz, which maps the behind-the-scenes of the Renault group, can be a guide. With reference to his sources (which have not been mistaken many times in history), he reports in detail about the complete engine range. And something tells us fans of the original Duster won’t be too thrilled.

Some time ago, information leaked to the public that technicians are also tuning the Blue dCi turbodiesel with a volume of 1.5 liters for the new Duster. But now there is a sobering up, diesel will really appear under the hood of the SUV, but only in markets outside of Europe. With us, deployment is not possible due to strict emission limits.

Photo: Jiří Cermák

The competition for the current Duster has increased recently. Cheap SUVs from China are becoming a threat.

Three-cylinder in different variants

The basis of the Duster III is supposed to be a new three-cylinder 1.2 TCe, which will be offered in several ways. At the time of market launch, it will be a 130-horsepower variant with mild-hybrid assistance and a manual transmission. There will be a choice between front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive with an inter-axle clutch.

A year later, a version with a power of 140 hp (also a mild-hybrid with a 48V network) will arrive, which will be supplemented in the middle of the year by a weaker 115-hp variant without a mild-hybrid, but with an automatic transmission. “It will be a completely new dual-clutch automatic with the designation DW23. It has seven speed steps, wet clutches and a design limit of 230 newton meters,” reads the RNews.cz magazine’s Facebook post.

Honza Koubek and his review of the Dacia Duster Extreme. Video: Honza Koubek

LPG continues

So far, Dacia has been more cautious about electrified drives and preferred LPG among the alternatives. It will be no different for the new Duster, where a three-cylinder twelve-cylinder engine is also supposed to run on liquefied petroleum gas. The one without the mild-hybrid will arrive at the end of 2025, it should have 120 horses and the aforementioned automatic. The manual will not receive this version until the middle of next year.

At the same time, the Romanian brand plans to launch a 150-horsepower LPG mild-hybrid with an automatic and even all-wheel drive! It will be e4WD technology, which combines the drive of the front axle with an internal combustion engine, while the rear wheels are turned by an electric motor. At the beginning of 2026, the automatic and LPG will also see a 140-horsepower version. Aren’t you lost yet?

Photo: LARSONdesign, Garáž.cz

The vision of the new Duster from an independent graphic artist. May be?

A new hybrid

At the beginning, we talked about two internal combustion engines, but so far all versions revolve around a three-cylinder twelve-hundredth. The second power unit will be the 1.8 SCe, an atmospheric four-cylinder, but it will arrive exclusively as a full-hybrid with the designation E-Tech. The 18-seat car will replace the existing 16-seat car, which we know in hybrid form from the Renault Captur or Dacia Jogger.

A more sophisticated hybrid that combines a 1200 TCe with an electric motor and together they manage to produce up to 200 horsepower (perhaps in the new Renault Espace), neither the Duster nor the larger Bigster will get it. It is possible that not all versions mentioned above will be available on the Czech market. However, the final form of the engine offer should differ only minimally.

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