The Netherlands starts with access tests, despite rising sickness …

The Dutch government will start trials with access tests this month, to make it possible to visit places such as museums and zoos and sports facilities again. Nevertheless, the hospital figures are not rosy.

This month, the Dutch government will start with entrance tests to make it possible to visit places such as museums and zoos and sports facilities again.

The first pilots will be held on April 9. Corona Minister Hugo de Jonge thinks that ‘access tests carefully and responsibly’ make activities possible again. The trials, which are held throughout the country, concern ‘activities that do not require a permit, on a maximum of three consecutive days in the month of April with a limited number of visitors’.

People must first make an appointment for a visit and before going to the location, they must have a quick test done at a test street of the Open Netherlands Foundation. They can then enter with a negative test result.

The pilots are spread throughout the country, although not all provinces organize the same amount of things. For example, there will be 22 events in the province of Friesland, with room for 6,800 people. In the province of Noord-Holland there will be no fewer than 136 events, in which almost 90,000 people can participate.

At the same time, the number of corona patients in Dutch hospitals is still rising, since Monday the number has risen to 2,495. Last 24 hours, 121 new patients were added, making it the largest increase since January 4. There are now 750 corona patients in intensive care, which is again an increase compared to the day before. The last time so many patients were in intensive care was April 30 last year.

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The new corona cases mainly ended up in the nursing wards. 117 new corona patients were added, bringing the total to 1,745.


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