The National Nutrition Education Chief reveals the relationship of liquid soap to cancer

Dr. Magdy Nazih, head of the Nutrition Education Unit at the National Institute of Nutrition, confirmed that Liquid soap What is used by women in washing utensils and dishes is dangerous in all its types, but it takes scientific research and study to prove how dangerous it is in a clear scientific way.

The head of the Nutrition Education Unit of the National Institute of Nutrition told Echo Al-Balad, that all kinds of Liquid soap Whether known or adulterated, they contain chemical compounds that are harmful to health. Not only do they contain cheap or adulterated liquid soaps, they also include known types.

Magdy Nazih explained that the effect of damages Liquid soap For a person, it varies from individual to individual, depending on many factors. It may be dangerous and cause cancer for a person, but it does not have the same effect on another person.

The head of the Nutrition Education Unit of the National Institute of Nutrition recommended women to wash hands at least 5 times after use Liquid soap, Because it remains stuck in hands and utensils, too.

As for safe soap, Majdy Nazih confirmed that it is expensive, but it is available on the market and free of chemicals, but many people do not accept it and only buy it who places its health as a top priority.

It is worth noting that MP Mohammed Al Masoud, a member of the Parliamentary Committee of the Future National Party, submitted a request for briefing to the Prime Minister and the Ministers of Health and Supply, regarding the proliferation of industrial detergent factories that do not comply with the standard specifications and their adulterated products causing health damages.

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